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What is the Property Tax Rate in Valley Village, CA?

The simplest answer is 1.25% of the purchase price.  Example, $1,000,000 purcahse price times 1.25% is $12,500 which is paid to the County in 2 installments annually.  The "Purchase Price" part of the calculation can go up 2% per year as long as you own the property.  This is Prosition 13 for the State of California.


What is the First Step in the Home Buying Process?

Get preapprived.  The First Step in the Home Buying Process is getting Pre-Approved with a lender for a loan (unless your purchase is all cash).  I can refer you to several qualified Mortgage Specialist.


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What is the MLS?

MLS Stands for Multiple Listing Service.  It is where you can find all Active Inventory of Real Estate for Sale.  Click Here for the Best MLS


Who Pays the Brokers’ Commissions?

Generally, the Seller pays the commissions. The total comission is split between the Listing Agency and the Buyers Agency.


How Can I determine the Value of My Home?

We have a great tool called the CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) from Cloud CMA.  It can help you determine the value of your home in 2 easy steps!  Find it by clicking HERE.


I am interested in Buying or Selling Real Estate in Valley Village - Who do I contact?

If you are interested in Buying or Selling Real Estate in Valley Village or nearby, contact Todd Riley - Valley Village Real Estate Agent at Equity Union Real Estate.  818.538.6331 Todd@ToddRiley.com


 Todd Riley – Valley Village Real Estate Agent

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